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The Team

MSET (Mechanical Science and Engineering Team) is a nineteen year old club at Saratoga High School located in Saratoga, CA. This team is a student community whose goal is to invent with integrity, kindness, respect, creativity, inspiration, teamwork, fun, and trial and error. We work cooperatively with faculty, mentors, and the industry to better understand and develop our interest in the science of engineering. We offer a variety of different programs to allow members to flourish in any area they feel particularly inclined towards.

Subprograms FTCFRC


FIRST Robotics Competition

  • Larger team size.
  • Short and intense build period of 6-weeks.  No bot modifications allowed at end of build period.
  • Bots are larger, requiring more complex mechanisms and custom parts to compete on a higher level. 
  • Season is January through April.
  • Participation Requirements:  significantly more hours per week than FTC.  Typically expect hundreds of hours especially during 6-wk build period.
  • Recommended that students have prior FTC experience.


FIRST Tech Challenge

  • Smaller team size with limit of 15 students per team.
  • 10-week build period to complete robot but allowed to make modifications up to and during competition.
  • Bots are smaller and built mainly from Tetrix parts.
  • Season is September through April.
  • Participation Requirements:  8 hours per week during regular week; 16 hours per week for two weeks prior to each tournament.
  • Recommended for incoming Freshman or if no prior experience.

MSETFRCFTC Student Leads


Co-President & FRC Lead

Co-President & FTC Lead

Cameron Nguyen

Jarrett Singh


Hardware Lead

Software Lead

​Outreach Lead

Business Lead

Electronics Lead

​Manufacturing Lead

Scouting Lead

​Safety Lead

Naveed Kasnavi

Govind Buttar

Ameya Saund

Beverly Xu

Nikhil Mathihalli

Saachi Jain

Dhruv Nemani

Richard Chung


Cuttlefish Hardware Lead

Cuttlefish Software Lead

Cuttlefish Management Lead

Jellyfish Hardware Lead

Jellyfish Software Lead

Jellyfish Management Lead

Bettafish Hardware Lead

Bettafish Software Lead

Bettafish Management Lead

Naomi Hsieh

Maithreyi Bharathi

Matthew Huan

Arista Suvarna

Harjyot Sahni

Neha Tadikmalla

Max Rombakh

Eric Woo-Shem

Anusha Guha